Triple Cities Craftsman

About Me

I am a maker and builder of all things challenging, fun, or just plain interesting.  I started this website to provide some inspiration for other builders out there and show off some of my favorite projects. Most of my work focuses on unique or custom woodworking projects with an emphasis on hand cut joinery.  I strive to take on projects that both challenge me and allow for some creative artistic expression.  In addition to my woodworking, I try to post descriptions of various home improvement projects that I am performing around my house.  Hopefully, they can serve as a resource and motivation for all the other builders, makers, and do-ers out there.  I firmly believe in standing on your own two feet and trying to be a self reliant as possible; therefore my motto is: Don't buy it, build it!


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Check out my instructables page for some more detailed descriptions of a few of the builds.